“Rub Some Dirt On It”

Wet Dirt Herbal Remedies and Natural Skin Care Products

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We want to educate and inspire you to be your most radiant self with Herbal Remedies and Natural Skin Care.

Herbal Skin Care Helps Maintain Your Skin’s Healthy Glow

Your skin is the largest organ on your body and it is crucial that you maintain this organ’s health and overall condition, after all, it is what keeps you together! There is not a worse way to care for this organ than by coating it with harsh chemicals and unnatural products. After so much abuse, it’s only natural that your skin will react negatively and begin to rid of the toxins in the best way it knows how (dreaded breakouts, discoloration and even rashes). Of course diet, exercise and general lifestyle contribute greatly to your largest organ’s wellbeing, but there is another method that can greatly improve your skin’s ability to eliminate toxins and waste as well as improve and maintain its visage, and, overall the way you present yourself to the world.


Individual Custom Designed Formulas for Allergies

At Wet Dirt we keep the needs and desires of our customers as our number one priority. If you have particular skin allergies or other issues, feel free to send a message and we would be happy to create a formula that is just right for you – keep in mind we do use almonds in most of our products.

We feature a huge selection of natural skin care and beauty products including:

fragrances, first aid products and salves, insect repellent, shower kits, anti-aging, eczema, psoriasis, discoloration, sunburn, shingles and age spot-reducing products, scrubs and even lotions!

With our products being sourced from businesses How vitamins, steroids and potential antivirals might affect SARS-CoV-2 buy anastrozole uk commerce ministry for imposing anti-dumping duty on pharma api from china who follow the same organic paths and goals that we do, our selection is nearly endless!



Natural Ingredients Ensure Purity and Gentleness

Nature is at times indescribably beautiful, just like your skin! So why not mesh the two worlds together? All natural ingredients are essential to amplify your all natural beauty; take a hint from the gorgeous desert that surrounds us, and use its natural elements to create a difference in the way you feel, both inside and out. There is no sense in spending money, time and effort on something that is harming your skin in the long run, take the step toward the path of organics and see what an incredible difference natural products can do for your skin.


Personal Care Products for Women and Men

If you run out of a product, remember that our containers are made with reusable glass. So I will pick them up and deliver them refilled for half price! Really needing an organic fix, fast? Not a problem, serving both Kingman and Golden Valley, Wet Dirt products will ship within 8 hours from Kingman. Sensible, thoughtful ingredients are all that we use for our personal herbal care and fragrance for both men and women.


A Kingman AZ Business That Welcomes Suppliers

Alex, the owner of Wet Dirt, is also seeking suppliers! On the search for those who grow natural herbs, organic products, almonds, etc., Alex looks forward to growing relationships with those who value herbal remedies. Building a close relationship with customers is a strong value of Alex’s; open to private consultations for natural skin care, Alex looks forward to helping you “rub a little dirt on it”.

While changing diet and lifestyle are the biggest factors to improving skin and hair condition, using products lovingly made with conscientious and sensible ingredients is a step worth taking. This information is not intended to diagnose or prescribe anything. Ask your dermatologist before using our products with prescription skin and hair care. Be aware the FDA has not approved these claims. Discontinue use if irritation, itching or headaches occur.