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A-1 Arthur’s Well Service is an all-purpose Well Service. We do Well Repair, Water Tank Installation, well inspection, and services for Water Wells, Water Well Pumps, and even alternative energy wells incorporating a Solar Water Pump. We are located in Kingman, AZ and Service Mohave County.

Areas include Mohave County, Kingman AZ, Lake Havasu City AZ, Bullhead City AZ, Dolan Springs AZ, Meadview AZ, Mohave Valley AZ, Yucca AZ, WickieUp AZ, and Hackberry AZ

Our Pumps

Over 150 years ago in Seneca Falls NY, Seabury S. Gould cast the world’s first all metal pump. This was a major step in building a business that would grow into one of the largest pump manufacturers in the world, with more than 5,000 employees, doing business in more than 100 countries.

Today, Goulds Pumps is an integral part of ITT Corporation, the world’s largest and premier pump manufacturer.

The trusted Goulds Pumps name can be found on a full range of pump products. Goulds Pumps is a global leader in producing pumps for the industrial sector, and a major player in the water technologies market, producing the world’s leading line of residential water well pumps. The Goulds Pumps’ product portfolio includes submersible and lineshaft turbine, 4 submersible, jet, sump, effluent, sewage and centrifugal, as well as double suction, multi-stage, slurry and process pumps.

A-1 Arthur’s Well Service Water Wells are Low Maintenance

A benefit to having access to your own water through a well system is the low maintenance required for upkeep. There are some problems that occasionally arise with age in these systems such as early submersible failure, pressure tank failure and even freezing; winter in the high desert is not always friendly. Several items to keep in mind include: water quality, storage tanks, electrical controls, pressure tanks, well heads or surface plumbing, and off-grid power systems. Maintaining these will ensure a consistently running device. Also, pursuing a familiarity with your system as well as its cycle and components are crucial. Being knowledgeable of your system will aid in recognizing problems or need of well repair early, and cause less damage as well as money saved in the long run. If you are experiencing low water pressure or no water at all, definitely call us for a well inspection and we will take care of you.

A solar water pump is ideal

A solar water pump is ideal for those choosing to live away from conveniences such as accessible water and utilities and even a consistent source of power. There is no greater peace than living “off-the grid” on your own property. However, retrieving one’s own water may become a nuisance, as living away from common utilities makes it much more difficult to access water. In some instances, secluded areas have access to grid power enabling one’s well services, but this access is sometimes limited as it may be far away and expensive. Using water well pumps achieves the same affect, with no need to depend on anything but your own property and the occasional checkup from A-1 Arthur’s Well Service in Kingman.

For more information about your specific area, call us at (928) 753-2048. We service all of Mohave County, including: Kingman AZ, Lake Havasu City AZ, Bullhead City AZ, Dolan Springs AZ, Meadview AZ, Mohave Valley AZ, Yucca AZ, WickieUp AZ, and Hackberry AZ.

Whether you are looking for a Well Service, Well Repair service for your Solar Water Pump or other Water Well Pumps, or are researching the feasibility of installing a Water Well on your property, call for the best in Mohave County, A-1 Arthur’s Well Service.

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