When you are having a conversation, and you mention the history of Route 66, something sparks. There is something so magical about that phrase that even when you say it to yourself you begin to visualize memories and experiences, even simple knowledge that you have gained from films.

Beginning in the 1940’s and progressing even through modern times, filmmakers choose to mention historical Route 66 and use the location as a focal point in their films. From The Grapes of Wrath (1940) to Cars (2006), it is obvious that this cultural icon is hardly dismissive.

The phrase strikes adventure, prosperity and fun through even the most complacent of minds. It is no wonder, as people acquired innumerable experiences traveling on this road. Westward expansion, supernatural experiences, and even road trips make perfect storylines for films based on the infamous route. Most of these film archetypes are based on true experiences, and it is no wonder, as this road possesses a rich history.

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