Wash Me Car Wash


Home of the three dollar Car Wash

With locations in Bullhead City, AZ and Kingman, AZ, Wash Me Car Wash is your ideal car wash featuring loads of deals and specials to get anyone who drives excited about their ride again. Home of the three dollar wash, Wash Me has been voted number one full service wash in Bullhead and number one express car wash in Kingman. Wash Me offers state of the art facilities that feature quick soft-cloth and soft-foam operations that get your vehicle looking as fresh as the day you took it home. Our washes and our wax options are sure to protect the value of your ride. No wash should ever strip your car of its beauty.

Kingman, AZ

3630 Stockton Hill Rd

Kingman, Arizona 86401

Monday – Saturday 8:00am to 6:00pm

Sunday – 9:00am to 4:00pm


Bullhead City, AZ

3727 Highway 95

Bullhead City, Arizona 86442

Monday – Saturday 7:00am to 4:00pm

Sunday – 9:00am to 4:00pm


We are better, faster, and cheaper

Our express auto wash allows you to be in and out in five minutes and features a twenty-four hour rain guarantee. We have the friendliest employees around and the strongest vacuums in town; no wonder we are number one in both cities! We are better, faster, and cheaper than all of the other washes around; our pride depends on it. We believe and invest in environmentally friendly technologies that are capable of reducing the negative effects that car washes can leave on the environment.


Our car washes are designed to get you in and out in no time

We use a very unique process when it comes to getting your car clean. Using reverse-osmosis filtered water ensures a shiny finish to your vehicle, and a free of hard-water spotting gleam. Our car washes are designed to get you in and out in no time; featuring computer-automated systems, with knowledgeable employees available at all times. What sets us apart from the rest is our ability to thoroughly clean while being careful not to damage your ride, using soft cloths made of Neoglide and microfiber. You have never had a more fun or more satisfying wash experience at any other venue, we can promise you that.


Our washes are so convenient and quick

Our washes are so convenient and quick that you can stop on by even during your lunch break, and you will be back to munching on your sandwich in no time. We have specialty washes available for a wide variety of budget options, so no one’s car is left out in the dust. Our machines are not the only factor making the work efficient; our qualified employees are really what make the experience a fast one. With two convenient locations in Bullhead City, AZ and in Kingman, AZ., unbeatable deals and unbelievable outcomes, Wash Me is the car wash that Doc Brown wished he could have taken his DeLorean through.