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Congregation of Spirit Afire
Fellowships, Inc.

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What is most important is to present the simplicity of the GOOD NEWS of Jesus, the Christ (THE BLESSING) to you. Our greatest desire is you meet your savior Jesus, the Christ as your personal Savior. He sent the Holy Spirit to convict you of your righteousness in Christ as declared by Father God. The GOOD News is that you have already been set free from a life of condemnation as a result of the law of sin and death; that you are set free from a life doomed in sin. You have been set free to a richly abundant life, in your finances, your health, your relationships and ALL matters of life and most of all this life renewed and forever in eternity.


That you have taken the time to stop and read this, now take a moment more to pray (out loud enough to hear yourself) the following: “Father, God, I acknowledge Jesus is the Son of God who came to earth to give His life for my debt of sin; that He was crucified, buried and rose again on the third day remitting sin in my life forever. I receive your total forgiveness and receive Jesus into my life as my personal savior. I receive the infilling of the Holy Ghost with evidence in speaking in tongues to empower me to live the life Father God ordained for me. Father God, I receive your freedom and liberty; I declare Jesus the Christ as my LORD in my life from this moment forever. AMEN!”. Tell us about your salvation!

We encourage you to join a fellowship that teaches a solid “Word-Faith-Grace” Biblical message. And, know this: Everything IS ALL right! And, Jesus is LORD!

The final leg to start Spirit Afire Fellowship was when we met Dr. Jerry Savelle, Sunday June 5, 2005 at Oasis Family Church, John Amato, pastor. He came to Mesa to launch his Arizona Chariots of Light event. Dr. Savelle is such an unpretentious man that when he came into the sanctuary, he shook a few hands and keep going. When he shook my hand, that’s all it was; he moved on. It took me a moment to realized, “hey, wasn’t that Jerry Savelle?” He was and the rest becomes history. Of course, I had to have a picture taken with him so others would believe me, and bought his book In the Footsteps of a Prophet.


Now, as much I would like to read, I am not a heavy reader. Most of my reading is technical for the task at hand. I began reading his book and actually read it all the way through in a few hours, (although, not at one setting). In the book are several message outlines of Ken Copeland’s early teachings. Those teachings are the jumping off point for this ministry.

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