If you ever take a drive through Kingman, AZ, you may notice a peculiar titled street sign; “Andy Devine Ave.” The name of the sign will occasionally spark a mysterious feeling inside for some; “Who is that?” and for others; “Oh wow! That movie star actually grew up here!” Soft-voiced Mr. Andy Devine was born in Flagstaff but wound up moving to this beautiful, tiny desert town where his charm infected the entire community.

Beginning in his early twenties, Devine began acting for television and movies playing in Westerns, Comedies and Adventure tales, all the way until 1976. Even some Disney movie buffs will recognize the infamous name, as he was the voice actor for Friar Tuck in the film Robin Hood, truly an unforgettable role. Such a respectable star, the actor was honored in his very hometown with the main street renamed to his moniker.

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