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Hayley Hollingsworth

Independent Consultant

The perfect gift – candles and fragrances
When you think of the perfect gift, oftentimes you may find that your mind automatically reaches to presents such as essential oils, candles and fragrances. This is not unusual; who does not appreciate a fresh new scent to fill their home or special space with? The only problem is, in some spaces such things are not prohibited – they are not safe to burn. Think about the office, or your daughter’s new dorm room; such spaces do not allow a flame. Face it, though, these spaces are often the ones in dire need of a fresh smell. A wickless candle is the ideal method of solving this problem, with just as much scent, but without all of the fuss.

Scentsy brand wickless candles and diffusers

Hayley Hollingsworth is an independent consultant of the popular Scentsy brand wickless candles and diffusers. This innovative new method of filling your space with your favorite smell is popularizing in college dorms and office spaces across the country. Scenty’s initial motivation was to create a safe alternative to burning candles, while leaving your space smelling better, longer, than it every would have with a flame-burning aroma. Ideal for families, Scentsy wickless candles melt fragrant waxes using a 25-watt bulb; melting it to slightly above body temperature – meaning it will not burn your skin! This new method of filling your space with a pleasant bouquet is ideal for innumerable locations: dorm rooms, kitchen and dining areas, bathrooms, kids’ rooms, at the workplace, daycares, open houses, real estate offices, reception areas, RV’s, and even hotel rooms!
These decorative warmers are so delightful that they even may be successfully used as a night-light. With hundreds of designs to choose from, these products work beautifully to match with your home décor. Not only are the warmers intricate in design, but the diffusers are as well. Used for its fragrant purposes in healing and meditation, essential oils can be diffused using Scenty’s delicately designed products.
If you are ready to find the perfect gift contact Hayley Hollingsworth

Hayley Hollingsworth sells Scentsy products at her online store, where you can also discover more about the products she sells and why they are so important to her. She also sells skin care products and cleaning products. You may also find Hayley at fairs, shows and expos, with her brightly colored and decorated table featuring a feast for the eyes, as well as the nose. If you are ready to find the perfect gift, or are simply looking for a new way to experience essential oils. candles and fragrances, then reach out to Hayley to become a member of the Scentsy family.