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Tax Services in Kingman, Arizona

Tax service with Mohave Tax Clinic in Kingman AZ, available throughout the year.  If you usually receive a tax refund chances are you are excited to get the process going quickly. We go above and beyond to find unexpected credits and refunds for you. Every penny counts, and while filing taxes is a necessity, you should not have to leave anything of yours on the “table”. For sure, your taxes need to be filed before the mandatory individual deadline or your corporate deadline and our team of experienced, seasoned tax preparers takes care of it for you.

The one thing you can do to ease your mind is to use a tax preparation service that has experience in the industry. Mohave Tax Clinic has been offering tax preparation services to customers in Kingman, Arizona since 1981.

You can feel confident with us because we have extensive experience in dealing with all types of tax issues. You can depend on Mohave for the following:

  • E-filing
  • E-correspondence
  • Filing online
  • Filing in the office
  • Tax tips

Mohave also offers an IRS toolbox which includes:

  • Interactive tax assistant
  • Sales tax deduction calculator
  • IRS withholding calculator
  • Tax trails
  • IRS payments
  • Assistance to understanding taxes
  • Upload forms

The website is easy to access from your PC, laptop, tablet, pads, Android, and iOS devices. You can also join the tax chat or email directly regarding your tax questions.

Many people have become comfortable preparing their taxes online over the years. However, a lot of people have said they prefer to go to a brick-and-mortar office and sit down with a professional to do their taxes. This face-to-face service is irreplaceable especially when taxpayers have concerns regarding new changes in their jobs and lives.

Mahave Tax Clinic has made it easy for taxpayers to either file taxes online or visit the office personally. Making an appointment is as easy as visiting the website And making an appointment. It only takes less than a minute. Contact Mohave Tax Services now to make your appointment!

Simplify your life ~ you can file your taxes online 24/7, 365 days a year!

Call us for:

  • Real Time Payroll Service
  • Bookkeeping and Accounting Services
  • Business Consultation and Formation
  • Individual, Partnership, Corporate, Non Profit, & Fiduciary tax returns
  • Multiple year, multiple states, multiple entities
  • Problem Resolution

Mohave Tax Clinic has been providing their customers with excellent service, the most up-to-date technology, and innovative solutions since they opened their doors in 1981 and from Kingman, AZ since 1988. They pride themselves in helping their clients to go “Green” by streamlining paperwork and implementing cost-effective systems.