It is always good to get up the Hualapai Mountains! It’s even better with the laughter of children and hundreds of people all having so much fun! The adventure started at the entry with the very cheerful Park Rangers. The tiniest snowman you have ever seen greeted you first, right before the window, arms out stretched in welcome. Then, Kingman’s finest out in the cold, who knows how long, guiding us to where to park and keeping everyone mindful of safety. Then…. there was actually snow (hence the mini-snowman). Hot chocolate, coffee, sleigh rides, beautiful hand crafted arts and crafts all for our enjoyment. The many little ones embraced the cold temperature and the white stuff on the ground as if it was for the first time:

“Dude! Dude!!”, exclaimed the young boy to his mother, “I am literally breathing smoke out of my mouth!”

There was just enough chill in the air for the chili dogs to taste perfect and watch the steam rise from our hot drinks. As I sat there watching all the happy Grandparents waiting in the long line to see Santa Claus and the children of all sizes scampering up the side of the mountain to actually touch snow, I sent these warm thoughts to all those who pray for peace and safety. May we all enjoy the beauty of the season. We have much to appreciate.

Peace and loving kindness to all.