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Kingman, Arizona


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Searching for the perfect gift, or simply want to shop for something unique and different?

Then check out Nature of Things in Kingman, off Route 66. We offer vintage as well as Southwestern jewelry, dreamcatchers and original art.

One of the most original artisans in the city, we are the ultimate in individuality and character. We have Kingman turquoise, we sell high quality natural non-stabilized turquoise from Mineral Park mine in Kingman. “We also have high quality Sleeping Beauty, Bisbee Blue, Kingman Red, and #8 just to name some of what we carry.  You are welcome to view all of our turquoise by appointment only. Call 971.563.3468.



Having collected minerals and gems for years, we are excited to showcase our love for natural items through our unique Southwestern art and jewelry. We take pride in keeping our customers’ satisfaction above all else. We create custom jewelry to fit your style and desire using gemstones and natural materials from the Arizona deserts and mountains.






Perhaps you are interested in a piece of jewelry that features your birth month gemstone?

Birthstones are an elegant way to show off your individuality and add a little sparkle to your wardrobe. No matter the stone, aquamarine, opal or amethyst, we create custom pieces that are tailored to you specifically, by focusing on what you like and designs that speak to you. Creating a custom jewelry design is the perfect way to take a distinctive idea of your own and transform it into a wearable, special piece that you will cherish.

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Purchase items from Nature of Things

Woolly Mammoth Tusk  –  $7.00



This is used by artisans and jewelers for creating art pieces, hand crafted arts and jewelry. Dry, it can be worked like wood. Wet, it can be worked like stone. Used also for educational purposes. This is a natural material, so each piece is unique. Ships only within the U.S. $7 includes shipping. (Sizes vary)

The Woolly Mammoth inhabited the coldest climate in Siberia and Alaska. They stood around 9′ at the shoulder, had a warm shaggy coat, and weighed in at about 7 tons. The tusks of the male could reach a length of 15′. Although the Woolly Mammoth mostly died out about 10,000 years ago, the last of these majestic creatures lived until 4500 years ago.

Black Walnut Shell & Turquoise Pendant  –  $25.00





This unique design has been crafted with natural Black Walnut Shell and inlaid with Kingman Turquoise. It can be used as a pendant, or in jewelry making and artisan work. Each piece is made from natural materials and may vary from the pictures. (Pendant chains are not included.) Ships within the U.S. only. $25.00 (includes free shipping.)


Interested in lapidary?

We sell lapidary equipment as well as teach classes to hone in your skills.

Perhaps you would like to learn to create your own unique jewelry?

We also offer wire-wrapping classes for you to begin your exciting journey in jewelry making.

Dream Catchers are a beautiful gift as well as a dramatic way of bringing the Spirit of the Southwest into your home. Dream Catchers are the inanimate form for the word “spider”. The Legend is that the good dreams pass through the hole in the center to the sleeper, while the bad dreams become entangled in the web. The design is enchanting and ideal for the decorator looking to complete their Southwestern décor.

We select items we find in nature such as antlers, cactus skeletons, Wooly Mammoth bones and tusks, Devil’s Claws, as well as reclaimed horseshoes, stirrups, bridles, and spurs to create the artwork on display in our shop. Using our inner vision as a guide, we transform these mediums into works of beauty.


As artists we believe that minerals, gems and natural objects are exciting materials for creating long-lasting, eye-catching art and jewelry. Sharing our knowledge through offering classes is what sets us apart.


Shop by appointment in the heart of the Southwest for high quality non-stabilized Kingman turquoise, Southwestern Art, Dreamcatchers and exclusive Southwestern jewelry. Call 971.563.3468 for an appointment.