Kingman Transportation

24 Hour Taxi Cab and Delivery

2250 Butler Ave, Kingman AZ, 86409

(928) 753-1222

Kingman Cab, Limousine Service, and Delivery Service

Kingman Transportation Service LLC and Kingman Cab service provides reliable and dedicated transport, Limousine Service is available for your private transportation needs, and a Delivery Service that can handle any kind of delivery you need. Whether you need help getting around Kingman AZ, getting to or from an airport, or just need something delivered we can help.

A Mobile App For Easy Access

For an easier way to call for a taxi cab or schedule a limousine service for a special event Kingman Transportation Service has an easy to use phone app. This application allows for simple and quick access to many of the personalized high quality transportation services offered by KTS.

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Kingman Cab: Service You Can Depend On

Kingman-Cab-Workers-Compensation-Transportation-71116Kingman Transportation Service LLC currently operates a fleet of dependable taxi cabs in Kingman AZ and the surrounding area. Personalized high quality transportation dedicated to specialized service, including flight crew transportation and executive services and even Worker’s Compensation Transportation. We travel to Las Vegas and to McCarran Airport frequently and know Las Vegas very well. We can drop you off at your airline’s check-in or meet you at your luggage carousel if you are in-bound.

Luxurious and Reliable Limousine Service

Kingman-Transportation-Limousine-Limo-ServiceOur limousine service is available for your private transportation needs, whether discreet, anonymous transportation or just quiet comfortable transport to whatever destination you desire. We are committed to delivering the best in class, prompt service and confidentiality, all the while making sure to take special care of you and leave you safe and satisfied. We offer a wide range of local services or travel to the destination of your choice, whether in Kingman AZ or beyond.

If it fits in the car our Delivery Service can deliver it.

Kingman-Delivery-Service-Kingman-Transportation-63016For those of you who are unable to get to the store, for whatever reasons, can call us to handle any kind of delivery you need. Maybe your laundry is piling up because your washer took a vacation and you didn’t get the memo to be prepared for a breakdown! Or in need of your prescriptions to be picked up and delivered to your door. You can call the Delivery Service #928-716-1894, we understand your need!



Kingman Transportation Service LLC of Kingman AZ provides all the Limousine Service, Delivery Service and Kingman Cab services that you need to transport whatever you need whether it’s you or your groceries. Give us a call 24/7 or download our app to arrange for any of the amazing services KTS has to offer.