The Learning Center for Human Development is an international organization, offering programs to assist  people in their personal and professional growth.  Our goal is to expand consciousness and to liberate all of life from suppression.

In 1990 The Center For Human Development established itself as a not-for-profit corporation. In 1992 it obtained its status as a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization, which has been maintained to date. The Learning Center For Human Development, Inc., is an international organization that offers a wide range of programs to assist people in their personal and professional growth, environmental awareness, and in their relationship to the global community. Our goal is to expand consciousness, which means to extend our studies to brain research as a means of a person enhancing their IQ and knowledge, as well as the ability to retain more data.

And in 2002, the organization was renamed The Learning Center for Human Development, Inc. due to the organization’s strong speakers group that agreed that one is transformed and success is greatest when a person explores expanded education. The organization amended its name to the Learning Center for Human Development Inc. to clarify its purpose of bringing change through education.

LCFHD is not a religious organization and we represent people from various professions, cultures and spiritual paths. The Learning Center for Human Development has over 100,000 individuals that make up our membership base and associates from all around the globe.

LCFHD also dedicates its work toward the liberation of all life from suppression by resolving poverty, and prejudice that breeds fear, which then threatens all life. Our goal is to make success in life simple and doable, and to add productive growth in our community and world.�

The Founders’ vision focused on programs which provide a rich diversity of cultures with the purpose of enhancing a better understanding between people. Programs operate all year. We have presented programs in the university setting as well as in the United Nations.

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Phone: (928) 279-1063