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Kingman Diesel Repair – Truck and Trailer Repair of Kingman AZ is located off I-40. We repair big rigs or diesel trucks. With the onset of recent technology, the diesel engine is used in all 50 states from the top vehicle manufacturers. Diesel passenger cars and SUVs are available from Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen. Diesel trucks are offered from Chevrolet/GMC, Ford and Ram. More brands are offering diesel power as part of their standard line.

The Diesel engine is typically more expensive to manufacture than conventional gasoline engines. It’s due to the endurance required to cope with the stress of high-compression diesel combustion, machinery such as turbochargers that improve your diesel truck and additional exhaust treatment needed to establish clean air emissions. As a result, the investment price of a diesel vehicle is typically higher than its gasoline-powered counterpart. There are many reasons why the investment is a great one!


A Diesel Engine is Efficient

In the past, a diesel engine was thought to be loud or noisy, strong-smelling vehicles suited only for industrial applications. Advances in engine technology have decreased these difficulties. The advantage of diesels comes from their fuel economy, which is generally better than their gasoline-powered alternatives. Diesel power can also be impressive, because lots of force is available at low RPM, which makes diesel power preferred for towing. Diesels combine excellent low speed tractability with fuel efficient cruising.


Diesel Trucks have Excellent Features

Just as with gasoline powered cars and SUVs, diesel powered vehicles are equipped with modern safety features like anti-lock brakes, front seat side airbags, full side curtain airbags and strength control. Assistant features like rearview cameras and parking sensors are becoming increasingly available on non-luxury cars. Passenger space depends on the model you choose, but you’ll find diesel powered models in a surprising number of market division across the board. Those who want or need an extra row of seating will find SUV models to their liking, especially since bigger and heavier vehicles blend plenty of low RPM thrust with good fuel economy and cruising speed.

While tractor trailers used to be considered as industrial strength transportation best for manual transmissions, a large variety of transmission choices now make the diesel engine a more efficient device with which use on a daily basis. Automatic transmissions for diesels now have a wider range of speeds to keep the engine operating at its highest power and efficiency, while automated manual transmissions foster updated fuel efficiency with your 18 wheeler without loss of the convenience of an automatic clutch.




Stop in Kingman Diesel Repair Shop – Truck and Trailer Repair!

Like any other vehicle, diesel-powered vehicles need TLC once in a while. If you are traveling I-40 near Kingman AZ, the experts in our diesel repair shop can take care of your big rigs, farm trucks or diesel engine vehicles quickly and efficiently.