1942, a year that was important not only to American history but also was vital to Kingman AZ history. Up until then Kingman AZ was nothing more than a small mining town with moderate growth.

However, in 1942 due to the country throwing their hat into the fray of WWII, the U.S. military established the Kingman Army Air Field forever changing Kingman. This base trained 36,000 gunners where trained, many of which returned after the war to call Kingman their home.

Today the airfield still stands, though as of 1949 it has been a civilian airport and currently is the home of the Kingman Airport and Industrial Park. Not only has a thriving airport but is the home to more than 70 business with over 2100 employees. Whether resident or tourist the airfield is an important part of Kingman AZ and is truly an incredible facility.

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