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The best taxidermist in Kingman, AZ

You managed to have one of your best hunts of the season this weekend, and you must find a way to enjoy that trophy every day – it is time that you consider taxidermy, and manage to find the best taxidermist in Kingman, AZ to preserve your prize quickly and beautifully. A mounting business that is open seven days a week and will answer their phone 24 hrs a day during hunting season is Down and Mount Taxidermy, LLC; the company you can depend on to “bring your trophy back to life”. No need to look any further to get the ideal representation of one of your prized hunts.



Open 7 Days a week, 24 hrs a day during hunting season

It is very important to work quickly when it comes to preserving your prize, so be sure to give us a call as soon as you can so we can begin preparations. After the initial phone call we will set up an appointment to decide on positioning and look for your deer mount, bird mount or fish mount. While we understand that your pets are an important part of your family, we do not preserve, pose or mount pets or reptiles. We strictly work with only hunted animals to be turned into trophy displays.

Deer Forms to give your prize the most authentic look possible

When mounting prize deer, we at Down and Mount Taxidermy use mule deer forms along with all deer forms. These forms are specifically designed for Arizona Mule Deer to give your prize the most authentic look possible. A renowned artist in the field who is knowledgeable and experienced in fabricating molds creates these deer forms. The attention to detail with these molds allows for the final product to be intricate and visually realistic. We at Down and Mount take pride in creating the most aesthetically pleasing trophy design, while sculpting all anatomical musculature to look as lifelike as possible. We are licensed with AZ Game and Fish and US Fish and Wildlife.


Professional Taxidermy Services

Once the initial phone call has been made an appointment time has been scheduled, we can then begin our very specific measurement process. Remember how your folks would always tell you to “measure twice, cut once”? Well that phrase has never been such a serious reality than in the taxidermy field. When it comes to creating prize trophies, knowing the sizes, dimensions and measurements of what you are working with is one of the most crucial components. We take our time examining the animal to be mounted thoroughly and then we begin taking precise measurements so that your trophy will look just like it did, if not better than, the very moment you first set eyes on your target.


“Bring Your Trophy Back To Life”

Hunting is an experience, and one of the most cherished aspects to the sport is the ability to share memories. A classic method of celebrating these important moments is by taking in your win to be mounted so that you may relive the moment again and again. Once you realize that taxidermy is a good fit for you and your trophy, give the most reliable and experienced taxidermist in Kingman, AZ a call – Down and Mount Taxidermy, where they “bring your trophy back to life”.

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