Cupcakes by Jan

Jan moved to Kingman with her husband and opened her bakeshop in August of 2012. After some time she chose to sell the business but was fortunate enough to buy it back last April 2016. Baking has always been Jan’s love.

With the help of HIT’s digital marketing solutions, Jan is now living her dreams of growth and success.

The HIT marketing team began by creating a gorgeous page to showcase her cupcakes and specialty pastries on the Kingman Merchants Mall. The day after we launched the new webpage and publicized the news of her opening, Jan completely sold out!! Not a single cupcake could be found on her shelves by the end of the business day.

Since our initial launch for Jan, we have implemented a local marketing program that yields over five hundred online visits weekly. She received more than 100 special orders for the holiday and due to the sheer volume of overall growth, she has hired three new employees.

Cupcakes by Jan is one of many marketing success stories that we will be sharing in the near future, so stay tuned!

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To your success,

KMM Team

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