Chair Yoga in Kingman AZ

Everyone can benefit from Chair Yoga!

Chair Yoga, a gentle form of yoga that’s done while seated or using a chair for balance, makes the practice more accessible. In chair yoga, it’s possible to move into poses like cat/cow, warrior, sun salutations and forward folds, all while seated. The practice still focuses on the same core principles:

  • Focusing on your breath,
  • Paying attention to your thoughts
  • Staying in the moment.

Benefits of Chair Yoga

Research shows yoga is linked to decreased levels of stress, anxiety, and depression, lowered cholesterol and blood pressure, improved energy, better sleep quality, less pain, and reduced body mass index. Matt Minard PT, DPT, physical therapist with Atrium Health in Charlotte, NC, believes those benefits extend to chair yoga. Chair yoga is also a good, safe workout for beginners. Wear comfortable, flexible clothing and a matt if you prefer.

When and Where

Every Tuesday and Thursday, 1pm, for 40 minutes at the Y.E.S. Center, 1001 Stockton Hill Rd. All are welcome. If you have not yet registered, please come 15 minutes early.


Mary A. Smith

For more information, call Mary at 928-530-2434.