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Bicycle World is Kingman’s premier friendly bicycle shop. We feature top of the line new bicycles, bike parts and bicycle accessories. We are also reputable bicycle repair experts. We are trail bike specialists. Our inventory includes real mountain bikes for real mountain bikers, including high quality full suspension bikes and repairs at affordable prices. We can build custom bikes for all your individual special trail-riding needs.


Our top brands include:

  • Kona
  • Red-line
  • Cannondale
  • KHS
  • Fit Bike
  • Santa Cruz
  • Surly (really fat tires)

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Excellent Bicycle Trails

Mountain biking in Kingman, AZ is very enjoyable due to our spectacular scenic views and unforgettable sites. For the past eleven years we have been involved in creating mountain bike trails in Kingman. There are twenty-eight miles of mountain biking trails in Kingman from Sohi to Monolith Gardens.

The names of the mountain bike trails in Kingman include:

  • Cerbat rim
  • Monolith Gardens
  • Castle Rock
  • Badger Trail
  • Beale Loop


We also sell Scooters:

Our brands include:

  • Phoenix
  • Envy
  • MGP

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The Benefits of Riding a Bicycle

Bicycling helps decrease disease. For example, three hours of mountain bike riding a week decreases your chance of heart disease and stroke by 50 percent. Some studies also show that women who ride for more than thirty minutes a day have a decreased chance of breast cancer.

Riding a bicycle also keeps your heart healthy and strong. The centers for disease control and prevention recommend that adults get at least two and a half hours of moderate-intensity physical activity every week. This exercise must be rigorous and hard enough for a person to break a sweat and raise their heart rate. Mountain biking can do the trick!

Cycling is also easier on your joints than aerobics. Mountain biking proves to be an ideal alternative for the growing number of older Americans who might be suffering from knee injuries after years of high-impact sports like running. This sport offers similar cardiovascular benefits to running but with the impact on our joints.

Riding a bike even makes you happier! The Mayo Clinic notes that exercise helps stave off depression by releasing endorphins (brain chemicals that trigger a euphoric high). Physical activity also helps decrease the immune system chemicals that make depression worse. And that, fellow mountain bikers, is exactly why you end a bike ride happier then when you first started!