Ever been curious about Astrology and unsure where to start?

Then you will be super excited to know that Veronica West is passionate about what the Planets have to do with your daily life. You will learn the benefits of being more in tune with them.

Monday, June 19, from 4 to 5pm AZ, 7 to 8 pm ET, you’ll receive an introduction to the components of the Birth chart. This is a chart based on the time, place, and date of your birth. We are also broadcasting live on zoom.

Three components covered in this lesson are:

  • The planets
  • Your houses
  • Your signs

Each will be well explained.

This beginner astrology class will allow those who have no knowledge at all to gain insights into a world of your very own planetary allies. Yes, allies. You are not alone. Veronica makes it easy to understand and provides all you need to know to begin your personal journey into the planetary relationship.

So book now and let’s journey to the stars together.

Before the lessons, it will help for you to have the following. Your personal chart (If you need assist with this – send your request to admin@lcfhd.org include your date of birth, time of birth and location. Subject line Birth Chart. If your time is not known that’s ok. I will send you your free chart via email along with other handouts once you have registered.

The fee for this first lesson is 45.00. Handouts are included, so make sure you guve us your correct emailing address.

Veronica West

My focus is to bring a clear beginner’s understanding to Astrology. I am an ordained minister and have been a supportive life consultant for more than 50 years. I have a deep respect for learning and have studied most of the major religions. Life has taught me, that what we are looking for is what we are looking with. We all have our own unique purpose in life. With the help of our astrological birth charts, we can begin to gain insights into our own birth maps. And thereby gain an awareness of our planetary allies.

My purpose is to help others begin their own journey into a world that is simply complex. Much like the many board games like chess, once you know how the pieces move and their value you decide your own strategy. So, come and join me as I share with you a view of the tools of navigating with Astrology.