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Reliable Heating and Cooling

Living in this area, harsh winters and even harsher summers are something we all have come to deal with. Having a reliable heating and cooling company on our side is a must. Arizona winters are known to be absolutely frigid, while the Arizona summers are known to be unbearably hot. When our AC or heating systems break down, we may feel like our entire world is coming to an end. The only way to remain comfortable in one’s home, and safe with consistent and bearable temperatures, is to possess an efficient heating and cooling system.


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Finding a dependable heating and cooling service is another overwhelming task, as most try to bend you for every dollar you have or trick you into purchasing products or services that you may not even need. Arizona Sommers Cooling and Heating is a business “Where a Handshake Still Means Something.” Reliable, caring and efficient, Donnie Sommers and his employees strive to keep their customers happy, as well as cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

kingman-merchants-mall-arizona-sommers-cooling-heating-nate-certifiedIn order to make the most of your heating and cooling systems, you need a reliable servicer to install the systems, maintain the systems and repair the systems. NATE certified, Arizona Sommers Cooling and Heating serves the Valle Vista, Kingman and Golden Valley areas.


Our Thank You Program


Arizona Sommers also features a “Thank You Program”, where you may pass the Thank You Card on to a friend, leave your name and address and when your friend uses the card for any service, Donnie Sommers will give them $10 off and send you a check for $10.



Donnie Sommers, the owner of Arizona Sommers Cooling and Heating, is the type of person who strongly believes that doing “honest to God good service” and giving back to the community are among the most important values to sustaining an honest and trustworthy business. If Donnie can simply help you over the phone, saving you money, he is willing to do it; because he cares about his customers.

Featuring low diagnostic fees, Arizona Sommers Cooling and Heating maintains that proper heating and cooling systems must be cared for using preventative methods, rather than forcing you to spend more money in the long run for a mis-diagnosed system. By preventing a system problem before your system has a chance to become damaged, you are sure to save money in expensive product replacement and repair. Consistent maintenance is another method that allows our customers to save on their budget, reducing monthly utility charges.

For every repair Arizona Sommers Cooling and Heating provides, a minimum two year warranty is offered, because customer satisfaction is above all else. Honesty is our only policy, and we strive to offer you exactly what you need.

Whether you are looking for your system to be repaired, or are interested in an entirely new system, give Arizona Sommers Cooling and Heating a call at 928-692-4447. Let our competent and compassionate technicians meet all your needs with our reliable cooling and heating services.