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Pets bring an unmeasurable amount of joy to our lives; they make us laugh, feel loved and give us a great sense of companionship.

Now with more businesses and public locations allowing pets on the premises, we can take our furry friends nearly anywhere! It is common knowledge to bring cleanup materials whenever we bring our furry friends out on our excursions around the town, but at home they are considered one of the family and the cleanup process can sometimes stray from our minds.



It is very easy for animal droppings to become a nuisance as the amount builds up in our yards after several occasions of forgetting; sometimes simply not wanting the “dirty” job of cleaning up after our beloved animals and even the incapability of doing so. AAA Kingman Pooper Scoopers can help with any variation of these situations. We at AAA Kingman Pooper Scoopers deal with your pet’s mess so you do not have to!

Pet Waste Removal Price List

One time cleaning or initial cleaning – $25.00 for first 30 min and $1.00 a minute thereafter.

$55.00 Minimum during snow melt or spring clean up season
1 Dog $8.00 each clean up 2 x week 1 Dog $10.00 each clean up 1 x week 1 Dog $15.00 each clean up 2 x month $2.50 additional for each added dog.

* Anything outside of Kingman AZ is subject to mileage fees. Prices subject to change.

Who should hire a professional Pooper Scooper service?

Dog owners / Pet Owners … …who are unable, unwilling or just want to enjoy their yard and pets without the hassle of pet waste removal. Those parents with small children who enjoy playing outside or if you use your yard often. Those with physical or visual impairments that find it difficult or impossible to clean your yard. Those who have better things to do than dog poop cleanup.

Do you make sure my dogs don't get out of the yard...

Safety is our main priority! We are very conscientious about making sure that gates are firmly secured while in the yard and when leaving. We take extra care to make sure that your dog stays in the yard while we enter and exit the yard.

Should I unlock my gate?

Yes. AAA Kingman Pooper Scoopers Pet Services employees are not allowed to climb or jump over fences.

Please have your gate unlocked on your service day.

Will I need to confine or restrain my dog?

Not unless your dog is potentially aggressive.

AAA Kingman Pooper Scoopers Pet Waste Removal techs love dogs and really enjoy spending time with them!

Not only is the mess unsightly and in the way, dog feces actually harbors several health risks.

Your dog’s mess may contain diseases that are extremely harmful to humans as well as other animals. Such diseases include;
  • Round Worms
  • Giardia
  • Fecal Coliforms
  • Salmonella
  • E. Coli bacteria
  • Campylobacter Coli
  • Leptospira
  • Tape Worms
  • Crypto Sporidium
  • among numerous others.

A large amount of pet owners also have small family members who play outside, and often do not consider the risks of touching excrement. Infants and children are actually the most vulnerable to contracting bacteria and parasites. Having a family is a beautiful thing, but a busy schedule is not conducive to a child’s, or your, health if your pet’s mess is a thing often neglected. Pet waste removal not only benefits families with busy schedules, it also benefits the elderly, those who are physically limited, and families who simply hate the sight and smell of their pets droppings.

Know the facts; protect yourself and your family.

AAA Kingman Pooper Scoopers will gladly help you in reducing your family’s risk of disease, by doing the “dirty” work for you! Our staff is friendly, caring and extremely efficient. A family business, our number one goal is a satisfied customer, and maybe some love from your furry friend. We love our fur babies just as much as you do, and that is not exclusive to dogs. We offer cleanup for any outside animal, and this is what sets us apart from other cleaning services! We clean up after horses, cats, chicken coops and more.





We are all busy, and some of us simply cannot clean up after our furry companions, but that is no problem as AAA Kingman Pooper Scoopers have your back! Keep your yard clean, and enjoy your pets without the mess! For more information on rates and availability for our Pet Waste Removal Pet Services give us a call at 928-529-3210