Tuesday, March 28, at 5pm, on Zoom and at the Yes Team Center at 1001 N Sotckton Hill Rd, Kingman AZ, 86401, there is a very powerful event with expert event coordinator, Tryna Lee Cooper. Learn what you need to know to put together for a good presentation or meeting. These 5 tips are gems that have resulted from years of speaking, presenting, and coordinating conferences, fairs and events. This program is for the beginner and the experienced. You will receive detailed handouts to take home with you and implement for your next presentation.

Available live at the Y.E.S. Center and on Zoom.

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Tryna Lee Cooper is a life-long entrepreneur, business leader, community activist, author, co-host and spiritual teacher, as well as a mother and grandmother.  With over 46 years of business experience, including a conscious living center and a meeting and event planning business, Tryna blends business, community, family and a spiritual life, and enthusiastically shares her knowledge and experience through creative trainings, hosted gatherings and exciting events.