Humming Beads

106 4th Street, Kingman, AZ 86401


Are you a Jewelry Maker or Crafter? Humming Beads is YOUR Kingman AZ store!

Get Small or Large Quantities of Your Beading and Crafting Supplies

There is hardly a craft shop or bead store found in Kingman, so if you are a crafty type of person it is quite difficult to come across the supplies you need without spending unnecessary amounts of money shopping for your items online. Recognizing Kingman’s demand for a craft and beading store, the owners of Humming Beads opened their doors. First offering small quantities, they are now offering large quantities of beads, craft goods, and spiritual devotion supplies like incense, at the best possible price.


Humming Beads offers an extensive variety of beads for the beginner as well as the seasoned jewelry maker, even offering materials for crafters of each and every kind. Featuring shells, wood, turquoise, pearls, glass beads, Austrian crystal, seed beads, Miyuki beads, Swarovski, bugle beads, Delica beads, Chinese beads and many more, there is no other place in Kingman or the surrounding areas to find this quantity or quality at such an affordable price. New offerings include large and small shells for craftsmen and collectors, and decorative crafts created with shells.

New to Humming Beads – Pine Crafting Items

Humming Beads is always adding new items to our selection. Pine tree products are one of these new additions. We have pine nut beads with natural holes for threading bored by insects. We also have medallion necklaces crafted using these unique beads. We have brought in pine needles for crafting items like dream catcher frames or baskets. Wow – these pine needles are 19 inches long!

A Family Owned and Operated Kingman AZ Business

A family business, the owners of this shop have been beading for years, loving the craft and enjoying the time it allows them to spend together. There is nothing quite like beading, it is soothing and relaxing at the same time that it is the perfect craft to socialize with. Beads are not only used by artists and jewelry makers, as they are found to be practical in the medical field and even spiritual devotions.




A Large Selection of Incense, Sage Bundles and Beauty Products

Featuring crafts, art, jewelry, and other products from local artists, this shop may also be considered the most unique gift shop in town. Showcasing incense, Himalayan salt as well as stands, sage bundles, soaps, beauty products and more, this beading store has it all. Although they do carry a large selection, you may find yourself in need of something quite specific. The owners will be happy to take an order for you and fill it within three to four business days. Humming Beads may become you one-stop-shop for all of your crafting, jewelry making and spiritual needs.


Convenient Location, Easy to Shop

Just off of Route 66 on Fourth St. in beautiful downtown Kingman, Humming Beads is just as easily accessible to the traveler as it is to the Kingman native. The store itself is organized to be easily navigated and viewed, featuring nearly an entire wall to each product-type. The owners’ ultimate goal is to be able to fulfill the needs of crafters and beaders all throughout Mohave County as well as those passing through looking for a unique totem to bring back home once their journey is over.




A Place to Meet Other Crafters and Beaders

The 350 square foot shop is filled with nothing but supplies, art and creativity. By opening this shop, the owners feel they have filled a gap for such a widely creative community. Although it started only as a hobby, Humming Beads has turned into a destination all its own. Opening this bead and craft shop has enabled the owner to meet jewelry makers and crafters of all kinds, which only solidified their decision that Kingman was in desperate need of just this type of store.

Come to Humming Beads for Miyuki Beads, Delica Beads, Swarovski and more! This Kingman AZ Business on Route 66 is your first choice for a bead store and craft shop!