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Whether Catering or Fine dining, Garibaldi’s has what you want.

Have you ever wanted to learn how to prepare gourmet food, or are you on the hunt for catering for future events, maybe looking for a little fine dining for your upcoming date? What if you learned that you could find all of this and more, with one fabulous business? Well, you are in luck, because that is exactly what you get with Garibaldi’s Catering and Gourmet Food.



Gourmet Food at its finest, at a price worth every cent


You want to make a lasting impression on your next date, and taking them out for a dollar menu dining experience is surely not going to earn you a second date. Imagine, a group of fun-loving folks gathering together for a delicious meal that you just can’t find at your local greasy spoon. Sounds fun, and just what your belly ordered, right? Each month, Garibaldi’s offers a scrumptious new menu for you to try, one night only! It is a highly sought after and one-of-a-kind event. You can purchase your tickets ahead of time, $40 a ticket, and worth every penny. A delectable four-course meal is only a ticket order away.  A dining experience like nothing else you will find in Kingman AZ, let alone the artsy cuisine districts of LA. Curious? Let us tempt you a little more…Garibaldi’s possesses a bring your own liquor license. Feel absolutely free to bring your own beer or bottle of wine to enjoy with your palate-pleasing meal.

Learn to create mouthwatering delicacies with affordable cooking classes

Let’s say your next date calls for you cooking up a special meal for your sweetie. Garibaldi’s Catering and Gourmet Food has you covered, with their cooking classes offered upon request. Available once a month, these classes are designed for a student count of up to 16 people; perfect for groups or parties. At only $30 per person per class, you are sure to impress the next time you entertain. Perhaps it’s your turn to plan the next girls’ night out, well who doesn’t want to learn to create satiating meals? Get all of the girls together, and set out for a cooking class unlike anything you will find on The Food Network.



A delicious dinner for any Event or occasion

The classes as well as the monthly meals are offered within an elegant space located on East Andy Devine. However, if you are interested in catering, Chef Luigi has you covered. Nearly any event is covered by Garibaldi’s; from meetings to birthdays and small get togethers to private home meals. What’s more, if the boss is in a funk and you know a tasty bite will cheer his mood, Chef Luigi will save the day as he also caters for workplaces.

Treat yourself at Garibaldi’s

If you are ready for delightful meals and a fun environment, then it is time to reach out to Garibaldi’s Catering and Gourmet Food. Whether you are ready to learn how to prepare gourmet food, are looking for catering for upcoming events, or you simply are in the mood for a little fine dining – your taste buds deserve Garibaldi’s.